October 4 – Daily Notes – Amanda

older sibling

You know when you have an older sibling and they get in trouble a lot? That’s supposed to deter you from falling into their same traps. This should have been the case for Judah as they watched Israel continually sin against God and eventually get defeated by Assyria. This should have changed Judah’s ways…but it didn’t. They fell into the same trap. Jeremiah reminds them they had every opportunity to turn it around.

Jeremiah 2:31-4:18:

  • 1-10 – The wife’s “whoredom” is describing Israel’s tendencies to worship other gods. Judah saw Israel’s unfaithfulness and instead of learning from it, emulated it.
  • 11-18 – God speaks of how he will forgive Israel and allow them to return to him.
  • 19-25 – God calls Israel to repent.
  • 1-8 – Judah is called to repentance but there is question if the Lord will actually forgive them.

Colossians 1:1-20:

  • 3-4 – Paul often tells the churches that he thanks God for their faithfulness. It seems to be a true boost for him to have others also pursuing righteousness and sharing the gospel.
  • 11-14 – Paul encourages the Colossians to draw on the strength and knowledge that God has removed them from darkness and given them the light of Christ. This allows them to spread the good news and care for others.

Psalm 76:1-12:

  • The psalmist speaks of God’s great power and encourages people to trust in that.

Proverbs 24:21-22:

  • Kings were chosen and anointed by God. If you weren’t on the side of the king, you weren’t on God’s side and would most certainly face destruction. Just think back on how David handled people who mistreated Saul even after Saul was unfaithful and rejected by God.

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