September 25 – Daily Notes – Amanda


What have been the most formative times of your life? For me and for many I know, formation, and especially transformation, often comes during times of trial. Though God does not send us trials for this purpose, he does use the trials to bring about his purposes. In Isaiah, God explains that the Israelites have been refined through the significant trial of exile.

Isaiah 45:11-48:11:

  • 11-25 – The Lord establishes that he is God and there are no other gods above or beside him.
  • 1-13 – God points out the ridiculousness of worshipping something you’ve created yourself. He lists off a few reasons that these gods clearly have no power. Humans created them. They can’t even control themselves.
  • 1-15 – God chastises the Babylonians for mistreating the Israelites when they were in captivity and explains that they will be punished.
  • 1-11 – The Lord explains that he was refining the Israelites through their trials. This is often a painful process but is necessary for our growth and faithfulness.

Ephesians 4:1-16:

  • 1-7 – Paul urges the Ephesians to be of one mind and heart. He reminds them that they were all saved by the same means and should use this as a bond.
  • 11-16 – God had equipped the Ephesian believers through a variety of helpers so they could mature in their faith and not be swayed so easily by false prophets or temptations.

Psalm 68:19-35:

  • 27 – Saul, the first king of Israel, was from the tribe of Benjamin, which would put that tribe in the lead.
  • The psalmist calls on God to protect and prosper the Israelites and rounds everything out with praise for God’s abilities.

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