What to Expect – Week 36

Second Corinthians runs throughout this week of reading, so I hope you’re enjoying Paul’s interactions with the various churches he supported.

This week in the Old Testament is a bit of a whirlwind! We’ll finish Ecclesiastes, get all the way through Song of Solomon (Fun Fact: Medieval Jewish Rabbis discouraged anyone under 30 from reading Song of Solomon because it was erotic.), and head into the prophets, starting with the granddaddy (not biologically, just size-wise) of them all: Isaiah.

One really cool thing to look for in Isaiah is the connection between it and the New Testament, particularly the gospels. Jesus quotes Isaiah more than any other book! Plus, Isaiah has a lot of beautiful prophecies that Jesus fulfills. Plus, if you’ve ever heard Handel’s Messiah, you’ll recognize a very poetic portion of chapter 9.

You’re doing great! You are now officially two-thirds of the way through the Bible! Keep it up!!!

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