July 25 – Daily Notes – Amanda

beauty of nature

How do you see God? Where do you connect with him most? For many people, including myself, God is very clearly revealed through nature. Getting out in creation shows the intricacy and majesty of God’s work. Give it a try sometime. And while you’re out there, read today’s psalm.

2 Chronicles 14:1-16:14:

  • 1-8 – Faithful kings like Abijah make faithfulness look so easy and rewarding. It makes you wonder why other kings chose not to be faithful.
  • 1-7 – Azariah gives Judah a pep talk encouraging them to continue to be faithful to the Lord.
  • 8-15 – Asa heeds Azaraiah’s prophecy and turns the people of Judah to God.
  • 2-9 – Though Asa had tried to remain faithful to God, he still wanted to hedge his bets.

Romans 9:1-21:

  • 6-8 – Where lineage use to determine your place in the family of God, now salvation did. It was available to those who descended from Abraham as well as those who did not.
  • 10-13 – This passage is to solidify the point Paul makes in verses 6-8. Just being born as a descendant of Abraham does not assure that you are part of God’s family. Jacob was chosen to continue the line. Esau was not.
  • 14-18 – This doesn’t tend to sit well with us. We don’t like readingna that people are chosen and not chosen, but we have to trust that God is for our good and is in control. Many of the greatest sins throughout Scripture are based on trusting something more than we trust God.

Psalm 19:1-14:

  • 1-2 – There are several Scripture passages suggesting that God is revealed and glorified through nature.
  • 1-11 – These take time to praise God for a variety of reasons.
  • 12-13 – After praising God, David makes his requests of the Lord.

Proverbs 20:1:

  • Handle your liquor or don’t have it at all.

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