April 1 – Daily Notes – Amanda

inner circle

Today we see Peter, James, and John, Jesus’ “inner circle” (which is apparently also the name of a popular Jamaican reggae group – thus the picture) in action. These were the three disciples invited most closely into Jesus’ life and ministry. Today they experience the transfiguration, a powerful experience where they saw Moses and Elijah with Jesus up on a mountain. It must have been incredible to be in Jesus’ inner circle.

Deuteronomy 18:1-20:20:

  • 1-5 – What a great amount of trust this must have taken for this tribe. They were not allowed to try to provide for themselves or store up for themselves. Instead, they had to rely on the peoples’ devotion to God.
  • 21-22 – This definition of whether a prophet was false or not was certainly fairly tricky considering much of what prophets said didn’t happen until long after they were dead.
  • 21 – This verse represents justice.
  • 1-4 – Yet again, the Lord asks the Israelites to trust him completely. It’s important to remember all the ways he had been faithful to them beforehand in order for them to trust him in these large ways.

Luke 9:28-50:

  • Peter, James, and John were the inner circle of the disciples. They were most often included and more seemed to be expected from them.
  • 28-36 – This event is known as the Transfiguration. Jesus’ form was transformed in the presence of God. He shown with the glory of God.
  • 46-48 – There is great irony that this conversation comes just after they are unable to cast out a demon and unable to understand what Jesus is telling them.
  • 49-50 – Sometimes doing the work of God comes before having love for God.

Psalm 73:1-28:

  • 25-26 – Beautiful verses about the importance of full reliance on God.
  • 27-28 – The rewards or consequences based on what you choose.

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