March 29 – Daily Notes – Amanda

clark kent

Jesus’s true identity was revealed to different people in different ways. We see that throughout the gospels and particularly in today’s Luke reading. That probably means he can reveal himself to us in a variety of ways as well. How did he reveal himself to you?

Deuteronomy 11:1-12:32:

  • 1-7 – Our response to God’s faithfulness should be obedience.
  • 26-28 – We would often prefer that God just present the blessing and not present a curse as well. We want freewill when it gives us freedom, but don’t like it when it allows us to fail.
  • One theme that is emphasized over and over in the first few books of the Bible is not to get involved with the nations that God wants the Israelites to destroy. God seems very concerned that they will allow the other nation to influence them and eventually the Israelites will worship the other nations’ gods.

Luke 8:22-39:

  • People came to understand Jesus’ identity through all types of experiences: casting out demons, calming the waves, healing, forgiving of sins, etc. His identity can be revealed to us in a number of ways as well.

Proverbs 12:4:

  • Wives can choose to bless their husband or harm them. This manifests in a variety of ways.

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