March 14 – Daily Notes – Amanda

As special as Buddy the Elf’s song for his dad is…there are some really cool songs people in the Bible sing for God based on a specific experience. Today, we read Mary’s Magnificat, or her song of praise to God for choosing her to be the mother of Jesus. What would you write your song to God about?

Numbers 21:1-22:20:

  • 4-9 – One of the stranger stories in Scripture. Though it does fall in line with the overall themes of the Israelites relationship with God. The Israelites complain, God gets angry and punishes them, they cry out for mercy, and God offers mercy.
  • Balaam consistently goes to the Lord for guidance before taking any action. He makes a powerful statement in vs. 18, “Though Balak were to give me his house of silver and gold, I could not go beyond the command of the Lord my God to do less or more.”

Luke 1:26-56:

  • Luke’s birth narrative is more from Mary’s perspective.
  • 30 – “Do not be afraid” is a common greeting when people encounter God, God’s presence, or angels.
  • 37 – Elizabeth’s pregnancy was used as a testament for Mary that nothing was impossible. Pregnancy in old age. Pregnancy in virginity. God is not bound by our human constraints.
  • 38 – A powerful statement of submission to God’s will no matter what.
  • 39-45 – Elizabeth and her unborn baby, John, both recognize the identity of Christ even before his birth.
  • 46-55 – Like Hannah in the Old Testament and Zechariah, Mary praises God for her pregnancy through a song or poem-like piece. It is often referred to as “Mary’s Magnificat”.

Psalm 57:1-11:

  • Though David is constantly up against major enemies, he continually finds ways to praise and rely on God in the midst of it.

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