March 4 – Daily Notes – Amanda


As he did so often, in today’s Mark reading, Jesus takes one of the religious leaders’ questions and flips it on its head. The religious leader asks about whether or not he should have to pay taxes. Jesus responds brilliantly! If the image of Caesar is on the coin, sure, give it to him, but where is the image of God?

Numbers 2:1-3:51:

  • Just like the homes were supposed to face the Tent of Meeting, certain Jewish prayers are supposed to be said in the direction of the place the temple was.
  • 38 – Interesting that part of the priestly duty was to guard the temple. This seems like a strange task for priests.
  • 44-51 – The Levites weren’t killed in exchange for the first born of each Israelite family, they were simply set apart for service to God and the Lord allowed that commitment to redeem the lives of all the first born.

Mark 11:27-12:17:

  • 27-33 – Jesus was adept at sidestepping the religious leaders’ attempts to incriminate him.
  • 1-12 – This parable describes God sending prophet after prophet to the Israelites trying to get them to repent and follow him. Over and over the prophets were rejected. Finally God sends Jesus and Jesus too is rejected and killed.
  • 13-17 – The image of Caesar is on the coin but the image of God is on us. We can pay our taxes as designed but give our lives to God.

Psalms 47:1-9:

  • A reminder that we serve a God who can overcome anything and thus deserves praise.

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