March 3 – Daily Notes – Amanda


We look to a lot of things to “save us” from something…David Hasselhoff being one of the stranger options. But that’s what the people of Jerusalem were shouting at Jesus as he entered the city. “Hosanna!” or “Save us!” Less than a week later these same crowds also yelled, “Crucify!”

Leviticus 27:14-Numbers 1:54:

  • 32 – The total number was most likely translated wrong. It is pretty much impossible that there were 603+ thousand men and approximately 2 million people total. If you want to hear more about it, check out our podcast from earlier this week.
  • 2 (Numbers) – The Israelites are counted by their tribe – the 12 tribes of Israel – the 12 sons of Jacob (also named Israel).
  • 3 – The census was to determine how many men Israel had who were eligible for war.
  • 27-54 – The Levites were not counted because their job was to take care of the tabernacle.

Mark 11:1-25:

  • 9-10 – “Hosanna” means “Save us!”
  • 15-18 – This passage is often sited when describing Jesus’ humanity and how he felt real human emotions.

Psalm 46:1-11:

  • Seek God when you need strength and protection.
  • 10 – A concept foreign to us – “be still” – particularly when things are going wrong.

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