February 18 – Daily Notes – Amanda


Before Abraham Lincoln spoke these words about our nation divided between pro-slave and pro-free, Jesus said them. Jesus spoke of the impossibility of him serving both God and demons. The religious authorities tried to explain his exorcisms and miracles away saying he was working for the demonic. Jesus makes it very clear, that was simply impossible.

Leviticus 6:1-7:27:

  • 26 – Interesting that priests are to eat the meat of sin offerings. It seems that it would be considered unholy or untouchable.
  • 19-21 – There were a variety of things that could make a person or thing unclean. Anyone who was unclean had to undergo a ceremonial washing and/or a period of time for them to return to cleanness.

Mark 3:7-30:

  • 10 – Could be explanation why he tried to silence anyone he healed.
  • 19 – Spoiler alert.
  • 22-27 – Jesus explains that he can’t be rooting for both teams. For Beelzebul to be successful, he would first have to stop Jesus.

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