February 16 – Daily Notes – Amanda


No, we do not condone breaking the law. As we begin Leviticus, we will discover that there were a lot of laws for the Israelites, 613 to be exact. We will also discover that they broke the laws a lot. It’s important to understand that the laws were not meant to be fun-ruiners. Instead, laws are meant to protect and prosper people.

Leviticus 1:1-3:17:

  • We obviously don’t sacrifice like this for our sins anymore. Instead of ignoring this because it’s not relevant, it might be helpful for us to think about how much more seriously we’d take sin if we always had to sacrifice something valuable for it.
  • For other ways Leviticus is relevant to our lives, check out this week’s sermon.

Mark 1:29-2:12:

  • 34 – Begin to notice the frequency with which Jesus commands people and spirits alike not to tell of what he’s done or reveal his identity.
  • 35 – Jesus frequently secludes himself and prays.

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