February 1 – Daily Notes – Amanda


If you want a picture of God’s faithfulness, that’s it. Yep, Charlton Heston with arms spread. Ok, not exactly, but close. God rescuing the Israelites from slavery through plagues and the parting of the Red Sea is, by far, the most referenced example of God’s faithfulness to humanity in Scripture. If you find something better, take it up with Charlton.

Exodus 13:17-15:18:

  • The dramatic story of God rescuing the Israelites through the parted Red Sea is the event most referenced to remind people of God’s enduring faithfulness throughout Scripture.
  • 17-18 – God directed them away from the Philistines, an enemy of Israel to avoid fear and danger. He knows how to protect us before we know we need protecting.
  • 21-22 – Pillar of cloud and pillar of fire represent God’s provision through the impossible.
  • 11-12 – The Israelites had seen God’s power through the plagues and provision through the pillars and yet they’re terrified when they see the Egyptians approaching.
  • 14 – we could all stand to hear this over and over
  • 22 – Once again, God provides a way through the impossible – Red Sea parting
  • 15:1 – people often sang songs to God based on what He had done for them

Matthew 21:23-46:

  • 23-27 – Jesus often answered a question with a question
  • 28-32 – obedience parable – who actually loves God? Those who’ve messed up but are seeking to be more and more faithful or the person who continually talks about their faith but doesn’t live it?
  • 33-46 – the Israelites and religious leaders rejected multiple prophets trying to get them to straighten up and then they rejected Jesus

Psalm 26:1-12:

  • 2-3 – Would I feel comfortable asking God to test my heart, mind, and faithfulness?

Proverbs 6:16-19:

  • Avoid these things at all cost

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