Daily Notes – January 31 – Amanda


In today’s reading, we see Jesus get angry and act out in anger flipping the tables of those selling birds for sinners to purchase and sacrifice. Sometimes it’s hard to see Jesus as a human because we focus on him as God and Savior. Today, don’t sugarcoat his anger. It was real just like the deep anguish he felt when his friend Lazarus died. If we can’t see Jesus as a human who felt like any other human does, we cannot fully comprehend the sacrifice he made on the cross.

Exodus 12:14-13:16:

  • 14-17 – Passover – feast of unleavened bread – used as a remembrance of the good God had done in saving the Israelites’ first borns and leading them out of Egypt.
  • 18-20 – Bread is unleavened because the Israelites had to get out of Egypt quickly and there wasn’t time for bread to rise
  • 25 – God tells them about the Promised Land (land of milk and honey) but does not tell them it will take 40 years of wandering in order to get there
  • 1-2 – Our offering to God should come off the top – firstborn

Matthew 20:29-21:22:

  • 29 – Jericho – the oldest continually lasting city – over 10,000 years old
  • 1 – Many times heading towards Jerusalem has been referenced thus far in Matthew, now they are finally arriving. This is done to show that getting to Jerusalem was a purposeful, planned event. Jesus was not surprised by what was to come.
  • 7 – Some ancient Jews believed the Messiah would come as a military hero, yet he arrived on a borrowed donkey
  • 9 – Hosanna means “Save us!”
  • 12 – is often referenced when confirming that Jesus had human emotions
  • 12 – Pigeons were being sold so people could use them to sacrifice. The religious authorities were trying to profit off of the sinfulness of their constituents.

Psalm 25:16-22:

  • David not only asks for God’s protection and provision, but he also commits to integrity, uprightness, and waiting on the Lord to hold up his end of the bargain

4 thoughts on “Daily Notes – January 31 – Amanda

  1. Seeing Jesus display a common emotion that I have been conditioned to suppress is always something I have to reconcile with. It helps me to remember that Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:26 “Be angry but do not sin…”. There is a difference between experiencing a normal human emotion and acting out in sin because of it. Now, I am not sure where flipping tables or withering fig trees falls in there, but anyway…


  2. Yes, I totally agree that our emotions are given to us by God, but it’s our job to learn how to use them faithfully. And yeah, I don’t have much of an answer for the fig tree…
    The flipping the tables, however, I believe was done with the intent of restoring God’s purposes to the temple – so I think Jesus gets a pass there.


  3. P.S. – It would also be interesting to look at the various emotional outbursts of Jesus to see if they correlate with the intensity of the events around him. i.e., would he have acted this way (table flipping and killing trees) if he were not literally marching to his impending death that week (and hungry)? I think I would be more on edge in those circumstances.


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