Daily Notes – January 30 – Amanda


The Passover is brutal. First borns of every creature die and you save your own family from this destruction by slaughtering a flawless lamb and wiping its blood above your door. But Passover is an expression of mercy and justice still celebrated today. The Passover and final plague bring the story of the enslaved Israelites in Egypt full circle. In Exodus chapter 1 we read of the Pharaoh exterminating every male Israelite born. At The Passover, the Egyptians felt the consequences of their sins.


  • God continues to call Moses to enact the plagues, “lift your hand, etc.” God does not need us but calls us and uses us for his purposes
  • 24 – Pharaoh sends Moses away but God doesn’t seem to be convinced he will actually let him go
  • 11:7 – God makes it clear that Israel, not Egypt, is his chosen nation
  • 11 – Eating normally happened in a relaxed, reclined position – fast food was not a thing
  • 1-13 – The Passover becomes an annual celebration – it is the festival Jesus was celebrating when he was arrested and crucified – he became the sacrificial lamb like each household needed. This is why some people say phrases like “covered by the blood of the lamb”


  • A parable aimed at those who have been faithful over time and those who come to faith in the last hour – both receive salvation – do we begrudge those who came to faith at the last hour and receive the same reward?
  • Jesus predicted his death multiple times but no one believed him
  • 26-28 – we want status and acknowledgement, Jesus calls us to humble ourselves instead


  • Continue to work for the things that are important. When you stop doing those things, you’ll be left behind.

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