January 19 – Daily Notes – Amanda

Genesis 39:1-41:16:

  • 1-6 – Joseph’s life was a series of extreme ups and downs. He was the favorite son and had dreams of ruling over his family, but then was sold into slavery, but now has risen to power in his master’s house. There is more to come.
  • 7-20 – This is one of those rare times when you’re punished for something you are completely innocent of. Joseph must have wondered where God was and what he was doing in this situation.
  • 21-23 – But it is made clear that God had not forsaken Joseph, but sustained him throughout his time in prison.
  • 20-23 – Joseph’s dream interpretations were accurate, but the chief cup bearer not remembering him must have been disheartening.
  • 16 – The Lord has been with Joseph throughout his ups and downs and even though he has experienced some pretty low lows, he continues to give the glory to God and to rely on him.

Matthew 12:46-13:23:

  • 46-50 – Jesus is showing that following him is the most important connection people can have. Commitment to Jesus even trumps the bonds of blood relatives.
  • 10-15 – To some degree, there is protection in not understanding the truths of Jesus’ identity and importance. With knowledge comes responsibility to act accordingly.
  • 18-23 – Jesus explains the parable to the disciples, which rarely happens.

Psalm 17:1-15:

  • This Psalm shows David’s extreme trust in God. Phrases like, “I call upon you, for you will answer me,” and “Hide me in the shadow of your wings,” indicate his steadfast trust in God in the face of trials and enemies. This assures us that God is trustworthy.

2 thoughts on “January 19 – Daily Notes – Amanda

  1. One thing that always strikes me about the accounts of Joseph and Daniel is how easy it is to miss the amount of time that passes between events. How mundane and awful must the hours and minutes have been while in prison for years waiting for the tangible results of God’s blessing? How easy would it have been for Joseph to take matters into his own hands and try to scheme his way back into Potiphar’s favor without relying on God? I am sure that is what I would have done. Joseph’s story is quaint when you can see him being sold into slavery and then lifted up as Chief of Staff on the same page. Imprisoned then lifted up as Pharaoh’s CEO in a couple of pages. Hundreds of miles and countless hours could have been spent wondering why God had forsaken him, but it seems that he chose to remain steadfast even through the times that felt like there was no blessing for him in sight.


    1. Absolutely! It’s so hard to imagine the down time because we read over these stories so quickly, particularly when they’re familiar to us. I also think of how shameful it must have felt to be falsely imprisoned, rejected by your family, etc. since their culture was so based on honor and shame.


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