January 14 – Daily Notes – Amanda

Genesis 30:1-31:16:

  • 1-6 – This is one of many examples in Scripture of barrenness driving people to desperate acts. Not all desperate acts were sinful. Hannah was driven to prayer and dedicating her child to God’s service. Offspring, particularly male, were a woman’s greatest value so you can understand why people would become so desperate.
  • 14-15 – Mandrakes were a fruit that was, and still are today, used for help in child-bearing. Clearly Rachel was hoping these would do the trick, but they didn’t.
  • 22 – God “remembering” Rachel means that he heard and answered her prayers. He did not necessarily forget her, but that’s what it felt like to Rachel.
  • 33-39 – Neither Laban or Jacob were being 100% on the up and up. Both were skewing the situation in their own favor.
  • 11- “Here I am!” is a common response when called by God or one of his angels. It is a response of willingness and alertness.

Matthew 10:1-25:

  • 1 – Jesus had modeled for his disciples what could be done and then he sent them out to replicate his ministry. This is the ideal discipleship model.
  • 5-6 – Jesus’ ministry was initially to the people of Israel. Many of them rejected him so his message was opened up to gentiles as well.
  • 7-15 – The gospel is a message offered to us, but never forced upon us. Jesus instructs the disciples to offer the good news to the townspeople, but the people themselves had to choose to accept it or not.
  • 19-20 – Encouragement for all of us to evangelize without fear.

Psalm 12:1-8:

  • 6 – The silver purification process is very intense. The metal is heated until it becomes a liquid so that impurities can rise to the top and be scraped off. This happens over and over. Just think what could happen if we allowed our words to be scrutinized to such a degree.

Proverbs 3:13-15:

  • Many of us who went through youth group in the 90s will recognize this verse as having been made into a worship song.

Cut it some slack, it’s been around a while.

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