Jan. 3 – Matt. 3:7-4:11 – Andrew

Matthew 3:7-4:11

4:1-4:11 – The temptation of Jesus is the temptation to take what God wants to give us without having to suffer first.  It’s all about the easy way.  Jesus knows, however, that the only way to receive God’s gifts is to be obedient, even if obedience requires suffering.

4:3, 6 – The word “If” is important.  The devil wants Jesus to question his identity. “If  you are the Son of God….”

4:6 – The devil is smart: here he is quoting Psalm 91 to Jesus!  (In your Bibles, when the type is indented and in quotation marks, it’s a quotation from the Old Testament.)

THIS IS WHY WE ARE READING THROUGH SCRIPTURE–if we don’t know the entire story, it is easy to be misled.  Jesus knows that the devil is taking the promise of Psalm 91 and twisting it.  Because Jesus knows scripture, he has a response.  What about you?  Are you able to use scripture to keep yourself from being led astray?


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